Why Alternative Aspects?

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Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

To me, Natural Healthcare isn’t about finding one thing that will ‘fix’ you.

It’s about finding yourself. Who you are, who you want to be and what works for you and your body.

When it comes to Natural/ Holistic Healthcare you have to find someone you connect with to guide you through whatever is troubling you. Every one of us has a unique Mind, Body and Soul.  Keeping these in balance can sometimes seem impossible. What works brilliantly for one person, may not work at all for another.

I grew up in a village in North Yorkshire. Most of my time was spent helping with the animals and playing in the woods. Then the real world started to become more real and before I knew it I was living in town doing all the usual things young people do ( And maybe a bit more sometimes!) and that’s when it all began!

I was in a constant state of emotional turmoil! Hormones all over the place and in a long term rollercoaster of a relationship, which I’m still happily in now, I have to add ;). I had severe Anxiety and mood swings in between some of the best times of my life. I put it all down to the lifestyle I was leading and presumed that how I was feeling was ‘Normal’. After going completely wild and me and my partner breaking up I decided that I had to change or one day the fun was going to become too fun to stop!

I was ok for a couple of years but then I started to get ill all the time ( I was quite a sickly child as well I think!) I seemed to constantly be in the doctors surgery. I was also back with my partner who also noticed that something wasn’t right but no one seemed to know how to help me. Then one day a doctor told me ‘you’re fine!’ That was it, I knew I would have to ‘fix’ myself. There was no way how I was feeling was fine! At my worst, probably about four months after having my daughter, my bones ached that much that walking down the stairs in the morning was agony, sometimes I would have to hold my daughter and bum shuffle down them one at a time. I would also just fall asleep every time I sat down. Sometimes being out cold for up to three hours and waking up on the sofa or floor with my daughter snuggled in next to me. I know what you’re probably thinking, post natal depression, and it was! I had no idea what my body had just been and was still going through and could not keep track of all the new, intense emotions I was experiencing. I really wish that I’d known just what Kinesiology and Energy Medicine could actually do at this point in my life, but hey ho.. Everything happens for a reason!

I started with a Vega test, which was definitely a good start but because I cut everything off the list at once I actually felt how I’d imagine an addict to feel going cold turkey.. Crying, shaking constant nausea and headaches and more spots than I ever had when I was a teenager. I didn’t realise just how much damage so called food stuffs could actually do to your system!

No sugar (in anything!!!!!), No coffee, tea, milk bread, pasta, chocolate, alcohol and a few other healthy items like sweet potatoes and parsnips. My whole life was about to change and I wasn’t sure if I could do what I actually had to, to reverse what I had inadvertently done to my body.

Proper bread and butter is the thing I miss the most but the thing I have to keep on telling myself is that nothing tastes as good as being happy feels! I can now eat butter but wheat/ gluten of any kind (and chocolate )  really play havoc with my mental health. I have actually joked on a few occasions that I can actually fart myself happy.. meaning that the minute the offending food stuffs have passed through my body, it’s like a fog has lifted and all the things I have to do don’t seem so overwhelming ( with a little help from the ELM Bach flower remedy if needed) proving to me just how important it is to fix the whole persons – Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energetical systems! You can’t heal yourself through nutrition alone, although it can be a beneficial starting block. You need to figure out if there is anything emotional holding you back or anything that physically needs re balancing in your body. Electromagnetic stress can also really mess with our energy. I have recently started turning all electrical appliances off at night and it has greatly improved my quality of sleep!

I still have days when I succumb to the smell of freshly baked bread or pastries ( I am still only human after all ) But I think that I have finally cracked my chocolate gorging thanks to a lovely lady on my Kinesiology course ( Thanks Katinka if you are reading this ) a short course of magnesium and a little help from those good old Bach flower remedies ( PINE, for guilt and unworthiness ) Now I have figured out my emotional connection with it I can, more times than not, stop myself from falling in to old habits.