The power of positive thinking.

There’s a vast amount of research from a number of different fields to suggest that just changing the way we think about a situation, even if we don’t feel differently straight away, can help conquer fears, Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, panic disorders, compulsive behaviours, guilt, insomnia, grief etc.

Even more interestingly there is a process that has actually been known to rapidly change a whole range of physical conditions too, from back and neck pain to Fibromyalgia (Phil Parker ‘The Lightening process’)

I found this very interesting because in Kinesiology, although we initially use muscle testing to figure out exactly where in your body issues are arising, a big part of the healing process is acknowledging and releasing emotions and misguided belief systems.

Thinking positively is powerful but so is the opposite. I’ve spent a lot of time arguing with myself recently, telling that whiny voice in my head ‘ actually….No. It is NOT unfair that I have to do my own washing up or take my daughter to school or do the weekly food shop, it’s a part of life and I definitely don’t need to get my knickers in a twist over it!’ Once I actually realise what I am stroppy about in my head and that I don’t actually feel that way it’s like a fog has been lifted. I realise that I was spiralling because of situations that had happened in the past that I no longer felt the same about.

‘There are two types of people: those who think they can and those who think they can’t, and they are both right’ Henry Ford

I haven’t actually studied The Lightening Process but have been practising positive thinking for a while now and to me there are two places healing has to begin, they are the Brain and the Gut. Interestingly there is also something referred to as our gut brain or enteric nervous system. In my mind this is the key to understanding just how much what we eat/ are prescribed effects our mental  and physical health. I love the way this man explains things!

Another Holistic helper working with the powers of positivity are Bach flower remedies. They help guide you from whatever negative emotional state you are feeling or supressing to the positive state where you have the power to deal with whatever was troubling you. These little beauties have helped me more than I could actually put into words. My knowledge of emotions used to be quite lacking. These remedies actually helped me to understand what I was feeling and, with a little talking to myself… why.

Something else that I found interesting; Stockholm University did a study of 50 adults to see if a Virtual Reality training app could ease fears of public speaking. The participants reported feeling significantly more confident after just 3 hours and less shaky and sweaty when given a real life exercise to try  (Journal of Anxiety Disorders

Just imagining that they were confident made them feel more confident. This is the power of positive thinking. If you think of being happy/healthy (even if you may not feel it) you are allowing the body to start working toward this reality. Every time you think negatively about your future you are creating a mental block, not allowing yourself the future you desire.

You are coping, you just don’t think you are!



Bach Flower Remedies

These little beauties have popped into my life quite a few times over the years. If I’m honest I didn’t really give them much thought. I had no idea of their amazing healing powers. They heal by allowing us to process emotions that would normally leave us in a state of dis- ease. Until recently I really thought I had a good grasp on these emotion things but how wrong I was.

My daughter was going through a hard time at school and I really felt her pain. I started thinking back to my school days when I would hide under   the buildings or in the toilets at lunch and break times because the thought of having to go up to my peers and make conversation terrified me. I spent years thinking that no one really liked me and to save embarrassment I would rather just avoid those situations. I had just never realised the emotion I was feeling was embarrassment, which comes from lack of confidence, which is why I presumed they didn’t like me.

Imagine my reaction when my daughter picked out ‘LARCH’ for lack of confidence from my Batch flowers. I’d tried giving her the incentive of a toy of her choice if she could go a week without running after me at the school drop off and she did it, but I could tell she still felt the emotions, she was just suppressing them. So i made her up her own little bottle of water and the Larch remedy. She had a couple of drops on her tongue before school and within a couple of days there were no more tears. I had my happy little person back

Since then I use the remedies all the time and have found they really help with my anxiety. ELM for overwhelm really helps when I have so much to do and no idea how I’m going to fit it all into my day.

I use these remedies in my treatments as a lot of the time we don’t actually realise which emotion we are feeling. If we don’t know what it is, we can’t release it.

If you’d like to check out a systematic review re Bach remedies for psychological problems and pain then this link on the University of York website will take you to one.

I Personally use these Healing Herbs Bach flower essences as I was taught with them and have seen first hand just how powerful they can be! There are lots of different options out there though. Here is a link to their shop.