Bach Flower Remedies

These little beauties have popped into my life quite a few times over the years. If I’m honest I didn’t really give them much thought. I had no idea of their amazing healing powers. They heal by allowing us to process emotions that would normally leave us in a state of dis- ease. Until recently I really thought I had a good grasp on these emotion things but how wrong I was.

My daughter was going through a hard time at school and I really felt her pain. I started thinking back to my school days when I would hide under   the buildings or in the toilets at lunch and break times because the thought of having to go up to my peers and make conversation terrified me. I spent years thinking that no one really liked me and to save embarrassment I would rather just avoid those situations. I had just never realised the emotion I was feeling was embarrassment, which comes from lack of confidence, which is why I presumed they didn’t like me.

Imagine my reaction when my daughter picked out ‘LARCH’ for lack of confidence from my Batch flowers. I’d tried giving her the incentive of a toy of her choice if she could go a week without running after me at the school drop off and she did it, but I could tell she still felt the emotions, she was just suppressing them. So i made her up her own little bottle of water and the Larch remedy. She had a couple of drops on her tongue before school and within a couple of days there were no more tears. I had my happy little person back

Since then I use the remedies all the time and have found they really help with my anxiety. ELM for overwhelm really helps when I have so much to do and no idea how I’m going to fit it all into my day.

I use these remedies in my treatments as a lot of the time we don’t actually realise which emotion we are feeling. If we don’t know what it is, we can’t release it.

If you’d like to check out a systematic review re Bach remedies for psychological problems and pain then this link on the University of York website will take you to one.

I Personally use these Healing Herbs Bach flower essences as I was taught with them and have seen first hand just how powerful they can be! There are lots of different options out there though. Here is a link to their shop.